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This is an opinion-based question so therefore the answer is not concrete, but: Jenna Morasca - Winner of Survivor: Amazon, played an admirable game in turning the tables on her opposition and winning immunities. Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien - Played a loyal, straight-up game and made an amazing turn-around from being disliked in Survivor: Marquesas. She was back stabbed at the last vote and was a favourite. Shii-Ann Huang - Survivor: Thailand. She is known for attempting to betray her original tribe in a 'fake merge' and was subsequently voted off. Colby Donaldson - Known as one of the original heroes, he played an admirable game when he became runner-up of Survivor: Australian Outback through loyalty, optimism and winning immunities. Lex van den Berghe - Survivor: Africa. Voted out at the final vote by his target after she uncharacteristically won the final immunity. Had controlled the game for a long time and was a favourite throughout. Richard Hatch - Winner of Survivor: Borneo after he played an unstoppable game by establishing and carrying out the first ever alliance in which he manipulated and used duplicity to make his way to the end and win. Tina Wesson - Winner of Survivor: Australian Outback. She played an under-the-radar game and made it to the end and won. Ethan Zohn - Winner of Survivor: Africa. Played a good game with a strong alliance which he rode until the end and won. Rudy Boesch - Was a member of the original alliance from Survivor: Borneo. Known for being eliminated through a 'stupid mistake' at the final immunity challenge and was a favourite throughout. Rupert Boneham - A favourite from Day 1 of Survivor: Pearl Islands, Rupert established himself as a physical threat and was blind sided into eighth position. Jenna Lewis - Survivor: Borneo. A member of the decimated Pagong tribe, she was eliminated because her isolation from her children had been hard for her and it was believed she held a strong case for the Jury in the end. Jerri Manthey - Survivor: Australian Outback, she is considered the original Survivor villainess after she played an aggressive game despite her 8th place elimination. Rob Mariano - Known for using fear as a means to control his alliance in Survivor: Marquesas. He turned the tables on the domineering older members of the tribe however his short temper eliminated him one place short of the Jury. Tom Buchanan - Survivor: Africa, a likeable goat-farmer who made his way to the final four where he was eliminated after being caught in a lie. He was an entertaining character and a fan favourite. Rob Cesternino - Survivor: Amazon, considered the 'smartest player to never win', he played an almost unstoppable game until the final immunity challenge which he lost and was subsequently eliminated. Amber Brkich (now Mariano) - A likeable player from Survivor: Australian Outback, known for being an ally of Jerri Manthey and going down with her ship. Alicia Callaway - Survivor: Australian Outback, Alicia proved herself to be a physical player with a short temper after her famous argument with Kimmi Kappenburg over eating the tribe's chickens. Susan Hawke - A member of the original alliance in Survivor: Borneo, she is known for her 'Snaked and Rats' speech at the Final Tribal Council where she berated her former ally Kelly Wiglesworth. She was an entertaining player and a favourite to win.