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An opinion-based question but I will answer it anyway :D Dirk Been - His constant reference to religion and reading of the bible took away from the entertainment of the Tagi Tribe. B.B. Andersen - Being loud and irritable wasn't as entertaining to watch as say a Richard Hatch. Sean Kenniff - He used an alphabet strategy. That is all. Ramona Gray - Being weak really early on cost her and her whining irritated me. Sonja Christopher - She was weak but kind-hearted. I enjoyed the strategy more than the happy-clappy. Greg Buis - Happy-clappy, his attempt at humour got on my nerves. Stacy Stillman - I enjoyed her attempt at strategy more than the previous people but her bad attitude got in the way and she just wasn't around long enough for anyone to really know her as a player. And then she threw the lawsuit-sized tantrum. Jenna Lewis - She wouldn't stop crying about how she missed her kids. Joel Klug - He was taken out because he was a threat but he really had a go at the strategy and may have won had Pagong not lost that last challenge. Colleen Haskell - Too happy-clappy for me. But she tried towards the end. Gretchen Cordy - She was likeable, honest and a hard worker. She wasn't too happy-clappy and is considered the first blindside. I love them. Gervase Peterson - He was dumb in not joining the alliance but he was fun to watch but he doesn't crack the Tagi Four. Rudy Boesch - My least favourite member of the Tagi Four, he was too loud and just stuck to the gameplan the whole way. He was entertaining when he spoke about Rich, though. Kelly Wiglesworth - She was a good player up until she started whining about how she struggled with the moral and ethical parts of the game and blah blah. And then she won the immnunities. Sue Hawke - All round awesome but she threw the tantrum at the Final Tribal which ticked me off a little. Nice speech, though. Richard Hatch - The only one who was really able to separate his heart from the game and play. And play he did, in control the whole time and entertaining to watch too.