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Well, In Survivor Guatemala that was the first season to have hidden immunity idols.As a reward the first place finisher would get a clue to the hidden immunity idol,Judd Got The Clue.Back At camp Judd Shared the clue with stephenie it said it was On the groung i think.Then He Went To the rest of the xhakum tribe and said it was in the trees,Which was a lie.When Judd Was Looking Gary saw judd looking on the groung instead of the trees.After That Gary knew judd lied a bout the clue.In A deleted scene it revealed gary foung the Hidden immunity idol on the ground.Gary played the idol this episode "Secret lies and Idol Surprise".Back Then you have to show the idols before they vote.With Gary Playing the idol He Sent Bobby Jon home in a 6-9 Vote exciting story huh.

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