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Single Season:

  1. Colby Donaldson, 5, Survivor: The Australian Outback(consecutive)
  1. Tom Westman, 5, Survivor: Palau
  1. Terry Dietz, 5, Survivor: Panama(consecutive)
  1. Ozzy Lusth, 5, Survivor: Cook Islands
  1. Mike Holloway, 5, Survivor: Worlds Apart
  1. Brad Culpepper, 5, Survivor: Game Changers(consecutive)

Single Season, Female:

  1. Kelly Wiglesworth, 4, Survivor: Borneo(consecutive)
  1. Jenna Morasca, 4, Survivor: The Amazon(including 1 immunity given to Heidi Strobel)
  1. Kim Spradlin, 4, Survivor: One World


  1. Rob Mariano, 9, Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, Survivor: Redemption Island
  2. Ozzy Lusth, 7, Survivor: Cook Islands, Survivor: South Pacific (excluding 1 immunity received via exile in Survivor: Micronesia)
  3. Joe Anglim, 6, Survivor: Worlds Apart, Survivor: Cambodia

3. Spencer Bledsoe, 6, Survivor: Cagayan, Survivor: Cambodia

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