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1. Richard hatch 2.Tina Wesson 3.Ethan Zhon 4. Vecepia Towery 5. Brian heideck 6. Jenna M. 7. Sandra Diaz-Twine 8. Amber Marinio 9. Chris Duahgtery 10. Tom Wilson 11. Danni Boatwright 12. Aras Burkaskas 13. Yul Kwon 14. Earl Cole 15. Todd Herzog 16. Parvati Shallow 17. Bob Crowley 18. J.T Thomas 19. Natile White 20. Sandra Diaz-Twine 21. Fabio Birza 22. Boston Rob 23. Sophie Clarke 24. Kim Spradlin 25. Denise Stapely 26. Cochran 27. Tyson Apostol 28. Tony Vlachos

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